I am a licensed clinical social worker and registered clinical supervisor in the States of Georgia and Maryland.  I received my MSW in 1996 from Catholic University where I am currently a doctoral candidate.  I am completing my dissertation research on how teen mothers and teen fathers parent together.

I have over 20 years of experience as a therapist, program administrator, and adjunct professor.  I have provided trainings and taught clinical practice to social work students and professionals.  I have published articles and presented locally and nationally regarding clinical social work with families, structured assessments with transitioning adolescents, ethical dilemmas in child welfare, and outcome evaluation and quality improvement in social services.  I have received training in cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior treatment, solution-focused brief treatment, trauma-informed care, emotional restructuring, family systems, and psychodynamic strategies.

I grew up in Savannah and moved to the DC-Metro area for college, studying theatre.  I spent ten years as a professional actress in the DC area.  I have missed my acting career since getting my MSW because learning so much about human nature and behavior made me a much better actress.

Lastly, I have 30+ years of experience as a wife (of an actor), 20 years of experience as a mother (two boys) and foster mother, and a gazillion years of experience caring for an enduring series of rescued family pets.

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Best Practice

My clients say that I have a warm, compassionate, and intelligent manner that they value.  I favor a 'technically eclectic' approach -- that is, I use therapeutic strategies from a variety of clinical practices in order to tailor treatment to meet your unique needs, preferences, and circumstances. My over-arching therapeutic goal is that you will experience growth and healing as an individual and in your relationships, and you will feel strengthened and motivated to strive for goals that are meaningful to you -- your own personal excellence.

Because I was a professional actress in my previous career, I also bring a great sense of humor​, creativity, and occasional singing to every encounter.  I believe that laughter is the best medicine for the body, mind, and soul.  May you laugh often and laugh loudly. 

What's in a name?

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what brings you here?

Procrastination is harmful to our psychological well-being, and even to our physical health.

Happiness is found in the pursuit of what is meaningful to us -- our goals.  Procrastination is putting off that pursuit.

As a therapist, I am fascinated by people's stories.  I love ​helping people discover patterns in their lives that are unproductive and develop new behaviors that will give them the life they seek.  My favorite experience is when a client says to me, "I never thought of it that way.  That makes a lot of sense."

Make a commitment to fully engage in your life, achieve your goals, and ​enjoy the journey.  Your time is too precious to waste.

Best Practices refer to methods and techniques that are considered benchmarks for service excellence. My commitment to you is to remain current with the professional literature and the most promising practices in mental health in order to provide timely, sensitive, and effective services that meet your unique needs.

And, yes, I am related to all of the Van Gracks in the DC area and across the country.  We apparently cannot reach consensus on how exactly to spell the name.

Do you procrastinate -- put off doing things that you know are important and will benefit you?

Do you let things pile up until they effect your concentration and mood?

Do you feel frustrated, guilty, or stressed about procrastinating, but continue to do it?

Have you put off getting help because the idea of 'therapy' makes you uncomfortable?  Or you don't know how you will find the time for therapy given everything else that is on your plate right now?

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